Parler’s CEO reportedly said Wednesday its service might never return to the internet since it lost cloud hosting services from Amazon.

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Since losing cloud hosting from Amazon Web Services, social media company Parler might not return to the internet, the company’s CEO reportedly told Reuters Wednesday. Other cloud hosting companies have refused to work with Parler, Matze said, and the company’s best chance is to get its platform running again with Amazon’s services.

Parler is popular with conservative and far-right users who have posted racist content encouraging violence against politicians, celebrities and regular people with liberal viewpoints. Amazon ended its contract with Parler for hosting the service on its cloud network, citing the company’s unwillingness to moderate content promoting violence.

Parler then sued Amazon for antitrust violations, claiming the move helps Parler’s competitor Twitter. Amazon has called the suit meritless, and said in a court filing Tuesday that there’s no precedent for a court to compel a company to continue hosting content that “plans, encourages, and incites violence.”

Parler didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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