It’s very handy to know how to get an Apple student discount. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just heading off to college, or if you’re a member of the faculty: saving money is always welcome. 

Apple is well known for offering student discounts on a range of its products, and it’s important to get yourself a good machine — even if your education is in-person again. So here’s how to get Apple’s student discount, and save yourself some money on MacBooks, iPads, and more.

How to get an Apple student discount in the US

(Image credit: Apple)

In the U.S. claiming your Apple student discount is easy, and is almost no different to actually purchasing from the Apple Store itself. Simply head over to the Apple Education Store and pick the listed Apple product you want to buy.

How to get an Apple student discount - product choice

(Image credit: Apple)

Clicking a product takes you to a new page that lets you pick a configuration and add it to your basket. From the basket, you simply check out as normal. There isn’t much to it, since Apple doesn’t appear to be checking any student IDs at any point.

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