Google Meet is getting a much-needed range of updates to make the platform’s hand-raise feature work more effectively.

The changes, which have been fully outlined in an update log from Google (spotted by 9to5Google), might seem like minor additions on the surface, but with remote working still a reality for many people, they’re very welcome all the same. Essentially, they’re about making the hand-raise feature “easier to notice and address” — an upgrade Meet most definitely needs if it’s to take on Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

The most immediately apparent aspect of this update will be the “updated and improved visual icon and animation” that will play whenever a user raises their hand. Of course, while this animation is pretty flashy, it actually does very little to improve functionality. Thankfully, this isn’t all the update contains. 

(Image credit: Google)

Slightly more useful additions added by this update include the tiles of users with a raised hand being moved to a more visible spot in grid view, so a speaker is less likely to miss any hands in the air. Plus, there will now be an audio notification when a participant first raises their hand, as well as an alert displaying the number of raised hands and the order in which they were first raised.  

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